Jeff and Brad start off arguing (with producer Mike) about the best way to treat wounds with ice. A fight ensues that we couldn’t stand to cut out of the episode….so…enjoy that.

This episode features our intended niche, mostly Canadian news stories! Way to go, Canada, you made things interesting for once.

1) Waste of Time (WOT!) headlines

2) Patrick Brazeau and the RCMP, friends forever? They keep running into eachother!

3) McDonald’s now serving mice with coffee? Sign me up for a double-double!

4) Bif Naked living on welfare in Vancouver

5) Peeing in the shower, could it save the Earth, if not your relationship?

6) Legalize marijuana sort of!



Podcast: October 19th, 2014 – “Podcast: Dead Mouse? I’m Lovin’ It!”


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