Only in Canada would we have a bear roaming school grounds, on a school day, and have conservation officers dismiss it as not dangerous, “…just fat and lazy”. Living in Port Coquitlam, BC, you see bears at some point in your life and, apparently, we’re just used to them.

My parents were complaining at dinner on Thursday, September 26th, that a local road was closed with police tape. My dad likes to drive as the crow flies, not to be detoured. The next day, I texted them news images that a bear had been loose at the school in the area. They replied, “Yep.”


So far, response to a bear being within a few years of children and family homes has been met with passive, “what can ya do”, attitude.

Granted, this bear was clearly slow, overweight and not causing any trouble.

“He’s just fat, and he’s lazy, and he was just resting,” said Conservation Officer Jack Trudgian, who said the bear is well-known to officers.

They were attempting to lead him to a local river, to hopefully wander his way back into the wilderness. However, the nearby school and homes were on the same route. The school was closed down while officers tried to lead the bear to the river. They tried to get him to get up a tree, where they often tranquilize the animals for transfer.

“He’s so obese, he can’t even climb a tree,” said Trudgian.

“We don’t want to tranquillize the bear on the ground, we’d prefer to get him in the tree, but he’s so fat.”

The exhausted bear finally hid in a blackberry bush and passed out, after a long day of being famous.

This is possibly the same bear that delayed a Canada Post delivery a few days before. The driver left this note on the home owner’s driveway.

"….and it refused to sign on your behalf."

“….and it refused to sign on your behalf.”

– Jeff

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