wolverine-statue-smallNational pride is as strong in Canada as it is in the U.S. of A., we’re just a little more quiet about it. But it’s time for us to do what we do best. And what we do best…is pretty nice! So, let’s celebrate!

An online petition is calling for a life-size statue of Marvel Comics’ spunky Canadian, Wolverine to be erected in Edmonton. Many fans are aware he is Canadian, but many gloss over that he’s specifically an Albertan.

“Not many popular or exciting fictional characters are born Canadian, but superhero and adventurer Wolverine isn’t just Canadian, he’s an Albertan too,” Jesse Seitz writes in the petition’s write-up HERE AT Change.org. “I think it would make a lot of people really proud to live in Edmonton and raise morale to erect a life size statue of this character in City Hall, or even perhaps Churchill Square or the Alberta Legislature Grounds.”

Having a life-size statue of a fictional hero is nothing new, even for a superhero. The city of Metropolis, Illinois, erected a 15-foot-tall bronze statue of Superman at the site of a failed theme park. The statue is a huge tourist attraction and is a great point of reference for this case, despite the $120,000 price tag it cost them.
Christopher Olivier, Jesse’s sidekick in the goal, adds, “Wolverine has been a staple of Marvel Comics for the last 40 years, the X-Men film franchise for 15 and is now considered as popular as The Avengers and Spider-Man. We believe a statue of the X-Man will only draw more people to the city if not just to see it and would make fans of the character beam with pride.”
First appearing in Incredible Hulk #181 way back in 1974, Wolverine is no new-comer. He has been a huge part of X-Men, The Avengers and his own series and mini-series. Thanks to Hugh Jackman’s portrayal in the X-Men movie franchises, he has become a household name. His murderous methods are a far cry from the heroics of Superman but national pride is national pride!

At the time I write this, the petition has 1200 supporters and need 98,000 more. If you like the idea of celebrating kick-ass Canadians, show your support!

originally posted at www.CaNerdianNation.com


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