TD may have a future battle on their hands for the rights to the term “green machine”. A pot-dropping vending machine has been introduced in Vancouver and sales are at an all time high!

The machine is offered by The BC Pain Society and only members with an ID card, proving they need marijuana medically, can make a purchase.

So, why a vending machine?

“We put it in the vending machine to cut down on theft and handling,” says Chuck Varabioff of the BC Pain Society, located at 2908 Commercial Drive.

“Anyone could walk into our dispensary, but we have a 36 inch gate that you can’t get by unless you show your ID card,” said Varabioff.

The vending machine is not surrounded by a 36 inch gate, so I’m not sure how that cuts down on “theft and handling”. In any case, anyone with a regular vending machine business selling chips and chocolate bars, I have a clever location idea that might make you some money….

Vancouver Pot Machine.

…you’re welcome.

THE BLACK KNIGHT RISES available for $18 in the TeeFury Gallery!teefury-black-knight


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