May the Fourth Be With You … and also with you. Because Star Wars is a religion, some even list themselves as Jedi on their local census. So, it must be true.

Fan expectations are at a high we haven’t seen since the day after opening day of Episode I: the Phantom Menace back in 1999. We have casting announcements for the new trilogy and May the Fourth is bringing in news by the hour! Our first treat, released by StarWars.com at 12:01am, is a full trailer for the upcoming animated series, Star Wars Rebels.

For context, I’m personally against Episodes 1-3. I saw Episode I at midnight on opening night. I bought tickets days in advance, stood in line for hours and cheered the cosplayers who staged lightsaber duels before the movie. Having been born in the late ’70s (really late, like super late, I’m totally young, you guys), I was absolutely pumped for more Star Wars. The feeling in the pit of my stomach over the proceeding two hours still hasn’t disappeared. I saw Episode II, then III and, as you can probably tell….I’m a little bitter to this day. I gave the animated series, Star Wars: the Clone Wars, a try and couldn’t do it. It seemed that anything pre-Episode IV is forever tainted in my heart.

So here we are with Rebels. There are familiar-looking ships, closed quarter action sequences and no mention of any trade embargo, nor a single scene taking place at a council meeting of any kind. To suggest that I have hope again is tentative but true.

Have a look. It is the future you see.

Difficult to see, the future is.

I’ll actually be checking this series out and I’d be very open to hearing your reviews, as well, Canada.

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