Anyone doing Tough Mudder in Whistler, BC this year? You might want to keep your mouth shut. Not about the event itself … just in general.

The organizers of Tough Mudder may need to consider some new guidelines proposed by the U.S. Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). An investigation confirmed the bacteria campylobacter coli made two dozen participants ill back in a 2012 event. The very waters and mud pits that participants spend all day crawling through are filled with bacteria that leap into their gaping mouths.

tough mudder health concerns

The filthy race courses were too close to a cattle ranch where cows and pigs tend to poop. The infected racers didn’t suffer until a few days after the race but when they did, they experienced a major bout of diarrhea.

The popular physical endurance challenge, that spans a full day and 16-20 kilometers, has grown in popularity every year and has inspired dozens of copycat events. The race already requires waiver absolving organizers of blame for injuries be signed but officials are calling for them to add gastrointestinal dangers to that. Additionally, the routes must be set up far away from any potential farm or ranch where animals are known to roam.

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