Picture heading out this summer on a fun, family camping trip. Getting away from it all with your lover, maybe the kids and the dog. You’ll need to bring enough food to survive on, plenty of water, some basic tools for cutting and eating while building your own shelter and starting your own fire. Finally, when the sun is gone and the majesty of the universe spirals above you, it’s time to continue binge watching on Netflix.

Parks Canada is looking to install wi-fi hotspots at their campgrounds and parks across the country. They hope to have Internet access points at 150 locations put in over the next three years.

There’s nothing more modern than loading a selfie on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag “camping”…while camping.

Ontario and Manitoba parks have already been testing the popularity and cost of the project since 2010. It must be in demand with the planned expansion.

Parks Canada says the service is intended to be free of charge but they will apply a fee if the cost is excessive due to an area being too remote. I’ve been camping before myself and see this as a the agency’s roundabout way of simply saying “Yes we will be charging for this service” before muttering “you dummies”.


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