The group that changed sketch comedy forever back in the ’60s is back for a true farewell tour, “Monty Python Live (Mostly).”

The troupe’s official statement reads for fans to “Join the crowd live from London’s O2 in a final weepy, hilarious, uproarious, outrageous, farewell to the five remaining Pythons as they head for The Old Jokes Home.”

London’s O2 (oxygen?) Arena will host Monty Python’s five final stage shows July 1st to 5th, 2014. Originally intended for one night only, the troupe added four more shows after the first event sold out in 43.5 seconds.

Each show features all the remaining members of the troupe (John Cleese, Eric Idle, Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones and Michael Palin) together on stage for the first time since 1980’s Live at the Hollywood Bowl. Graham Chapman (“Stop that, that’s silly”) passed away in 1989. His absense is marked in a promotional poster of a gravestone bearing his name. The full artwork, in Terry Gilliam’s classic style, reads “One down, five to go” on his tombstone. A definite nod to the troupe’s wry humor.

John Cleese confirmed that the reunion shows will consist of new and old material but they want to present in a unique way. They have always been about surprising their audience.
monty python silly sketches
“People really want to see the old hits, but we don’t want to do them in a predictable way,” he said. “The main danger we have is that the audience know the scripts better than we do.” This is true, as many conversations I had with my father when I was a child were actually just us reciting Monty Python skits.

Even better news for us fans across the pond, is that on July 20th, the show will be broadcast to 450 movie theaters across the UK and about 1,500 others worldwide. Personally, I’ll have advance tickets to this show here in Canada as I have been an avid fan since I was just a little fanboy.

All the remaining members of the troupe have been active on or behind camera since the ’80s and this is their first time together since. They have had a love-hate relationship akin to a family that other comedians (such as myself) can easily relate to. Seeing them together one final time is a gift to the world as it has been 40 years since their last performance together.

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