Canadian Problems

Bar to bar, do pint and sleeve sizes change?

An organization of craft beer lovers are petitioning the government to enforce standard sizes for alcohol, especially beer. The goal is to ensure consumers know how much they get when ordering at multiple establishments that do not necessarily advertise their “sleeve” or “pint” serving sizes. Many european countries already do this and is law in parts of Canada. In British Columbia, however, sleeves can range from 12oz – 16oz and pints can show up anywhere between 20oz and 24 oz.

The response from the government, thus far, is that they have “bigger things to worry about”.

However, if you want to support the cause, you can tweet at the hashtag #servingitwrong and #fuss (Fess Up to Serving Size) on twitter.

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The convenience of Tang, the alcohol of wine! Check out this new, upcoming powdered alcohol: “Palcohol”. The “pal” tells you that if you drink it, it will be your only friend.

palcohol powder

Original name: “POW-cohol”

Set to come in delicious flavours of lemon drop, vodka (vodka’s a flavour?), cosmopolitan and margarita. It’s not on store shelves yet as it still has several hurdles to overcome from the FDA.

An early version of the product’s website pitched the portability of the powder, which could be “smuggled into concerts, sporting events, movie theatres, and even on to cruise ships” to avoid purchasing expensive drinks on-site.

Not only did it promote illegal activities, the website also stated Palcohol can be snorted!
The website boasted “You’ll get drunk almost instantly because the alcohol will be absorbed so quickly in your nose,” before stressing this is a bad idea and Palcohol should only be used responsibly. What responsible business owners!


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