Leave it to Mashable to find awesome stuff. Last year in Macedonia, wildlife researchers found this strange centipede/snake creature. It turned out to simply be that the centipede was eaten by a horn-nosed viper and proceeded to fight for it’s life from the inside out.



This female viper was about 2 inches longer than the centipede, but the centipede weighed 0.17 ounces compared to the snake’s 0.14. That’s 114% of the snake’s body weight!

Apparently these vipers eat insects this size all the time but this particular centipde had too much fight left in it. Unfortunately, it died shortly after getting it’s head out of the side.

On it’s way out, it managed to shred the viper’s organs to the point where they appeared to be missing completely, “the entire volume of its body was occupied by the centipede,” the scientists wrote.

“In general, this invertebrate is extremely tough: It is very hard to kill a full-grown Scolopendra (personal observation),” the authors of the study wrote of the centipede. “Therefore, we cannot dismiss the possibility that the snake had swallowed the centipede alive, and that, paradoxically, the prey has eaten its way through the snake, almost reaching its freedom.”

This was almost a success story but snakes and bugs are gross! So, for a better visual, here is a video of a rabbit (spoiler alert!) successfully escaping a hunting dog, yay!

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