X-Men: Days of Future Past has released a timeline from 1962 to 2018, depicting some key plotpoints to the upcoming film.

The adventure has Logan bouncing through time, in his own bodies, via his modern-day mind. Make sense? Great! Let’s go!

The story is based on a well-received comic book story of the same name that crossed timelines, killed off major characters and introduced new ones. Many of the stars of previous films will return, including the cast of X-Men: First Class and the original trilogy.

One small point of concern for many Marvel fans is that this film will also feature Magneto’s children, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. Both of these characters are major players in Marvel’s upcoming The Avengers: Age of Ultron next year. The problem is that these two universes do not co-exist and Fox and Marvel (Disney) have free reign to use the un-movie-licensed characters as they please. Confusion may ensue for the general public but if it generates any interest in visiting their local comic shop for clarification, I’m all for it.

Here is an itemized list of some key time periods and events from the movie via a new promotional page 25moments.com

1963- Erik Lehnsherr is implicated in Murder
1965- Charles Xavier Opens the School for Gifted Youngsters
1967- Trask Industries Develops Artificial Limbs
1972- Prolonged Silence on Nixon White House Tapes Points to Scandal
1973- Trask Announces the Sentinel Mark I Program
1975- Xavier Goes to Washington
1977- World Record Scandal
1984- Minister Dubs Mutants “God’s Curse”
1986- Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster
1988- Berlin Wall Protests
1989- DNA Evidence
1991- South African Reform
1994- Zapatistas Ally with Mutant Supporters
1996- Mad Cow Disease Outbreak
2001- Guantanamo Bay Mutant Detention Center
2006- Warring Mutant Factions Destroy the Golden Gate Bridge
2008- U.S. Erects Wall to Strengthen Border
2009- Mutant Inhibitor Collar
2010- Trask Industries Acquires Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters
2011- March on X-Mansion
2012- Mutants Escape Trask Prison Camps
2013- Trask Announces Mark X
2015- Death of Hank McCoy

If Back to the Future II is any indication, time travel can be tricky. To have it make sense in a comic book is easier with the allowable exposition but it might get confusing on a film full of backstory, action sequences and existing contradictions. Either way, this movie may re-write the X-Men film franchise’s timeline, allowing for re-casting and a whole new generation of mutants.

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