If a politician ever needed a “posse”, it’s Rob Ford. Now, he seems to have found it in the humble beginning stages with two extremely questionable choices.

First up, Sam Tarasco from The Trailer Park Boys. Already on Twitter he has called one nay-sayer “self important” while much more of his feed is loaded with F-bombs.

Secondly, disgraced Olympic medal winner Ben Johnson. Sorry, I forgot to say “two time” disgraced Olympic medal winner Ben Johnson.

On their own, I’m all for giving any of these three a chance to win me over. Ford and Johnson have the drug and disgrace history and a much more uphill battle. The three of them together, however, looks like a promotional stunt for The Celebrity Apprentice.Rob Ford meme, Ben Johnson

Though their roles have not been confirmed, it was implied they had large parts to play in Ford’s re-election campaign. Doug Ford, Rob’s just as obnoxious brother, downplayed that a day later, “Do they have a, let’s say a managerial role? No,” he said.

He did a little political slamming as well, suggesting opponents like Olivia Chow and John Tory have campaign workers playing on all sides. He ended his accusations with the unbelievable promise “you’ll never find Rob and I involved in any scandal.”

In any case, I don’t think anybody saw Tarasco and Johnson coming and that’s really what made the headlines. As publicity stunts go, I must say bravo. As mayoral campaigns go, I must say it’s time for the grown-ups to take over, Mr. Ford.


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