Equinox DC Comics Canadian heroFormerly promoted as Justice League Canada, the new DC Comics series (replacing “Canada” with “United”) starts this month. Writer, Canadian Jeff Lemire, has gotten a huge following in the comic book community for his work on books like Sweet Tooth, Green Arrow, Animal Man and more. I recently read his The Nobody, a short story about an invisible man hiding out in a small community.

A Canadian book with larger-than-life heroes should get everyone excited. This book won’t be the worlds shattering, epic stories that most of the public can’t relate to. Lemire excels at smaller stories with parallels to life. Small town, Canadian, life.

“Not just put the CN Tower in the background and call it Justice in Canada,” he told CBC News. “I wanted to put it in a rural setting because I think that’s a really interesting thing: to take these big, bombastic superhero stories and put them in a very quiet setting, where you normally wouldn’t see those characters.” Justice League Canada / United

Equinox, Jeff Lemire’s new teenage Cree superhero, will debut in April 2014 in a five-issue story arc for the comic series.

“Creating a teenage female superhero was interesting to me because, generally, most superheroes are white males. We need diversity and we need different personalities,” Lemire said.

“You need very distinct voices for personalities on the team or else you just start writing the same character in a different costume.”

Her powers are Earth-based and change with the season. Will the world finally embrace a Canadian superhero?


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