“Civilization Collapses as Earth Hour Celebrated” – said no one. Ever.WWF be power smart

It’s a gesture, a campaign, an idea. Turn off your lights for one hour, March 29th from 8:30 – 9:30PM in whatever time zone you live in. You’re scared of the dark? Candles. You have company over? Candles. Want to read a book? Candles. Fireman wants to know what burned your house down? Candles.

CTV reports: “Ipsos Reid polls conducted on behalf of the WWF suggest the number of Canadians powering down for the occasion has been steadily declining for the past few years.
Poll results suggested 16 million willingly went off the power grid in 2011, while 13 million became involved in 2012. Polling figures dropped again to 12.2 million participants for 2013.”

The campaign is getting mainstream attention, though. Star Trek’s William Shatner, actor and director Jason Priestly and astronaut Chris Hadfield have shot short videos to help get people’s heads around the concept. A concept which is pretty simple.


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