Life isn’t hard enough in this solar system of ours. Now it’s getting downright crowded!Astronomers have discovered a partner for Sedna, a dwarf planet waaay out in the Oort Cloud.

New planet in solar system.

In this image, the sun and inner planets are at the center. The orbits of the four giant planet Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are shown by purple solid circles. The Kuiper Belt (including Pluto) is shown by the dotted light blue region just beyond the giant planets. Sedna’s orbit is shown in orange while 2012 VP113’s orbit is shown in red. (Scott S. Sheppard/Carnegie Institution for Science)

The Oort Cloud is is a region of our solar system well past Pluto, likely filled with asteroids and small chunks of ice.
A NEW body 450km wide was discovered this week and is categorically named 2012VP113 but has the unfortunate nickname of “Biden” after the vice president of the US (due to the VP in the name).

I’m not articulate enough to flesh this out, I’ll leave that to my favourite science writer, “The Bad Astronomer”, Phil Plait

What’s even more exciting is that the huge orbit has has around the sun, when matched with Sedna’s orbit, suggests that there is a possible Super Earth in orbit that we haven’t found yet. A possible huge, rocky planet in the huge, far reaches of our solar system. That would be pretty awesome, it may also ignite the extinguished flame of the idea we have a 2nd star as well. There are those who think it’s possible the Sun has a twin named Nemesis that we have yet to discover.


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