According to provincial lottery agencies across the country, sales of tickets in the under 35 demographic are on a steep decline. The level of concern from millennials has hit level “whatever”.

lotto max 6/49
These agencies are banding together to form a plan targeted at millennials to get them purchasing tickets on a regular basis. The call has been sent out to consultants to come up with lottery-like games that can attract the demographic. The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp’s website states, “If we do not attract younger players … to play lottery games, over time the lottery business is at risk of decline.”

Self-righteous concerns such as the above quote already show the agencies are completely out of touch with the video game generation.

Metro News spoke with Sally McDonald, a social worker in Winnipeg who suggests it is a long shot to garner interest. The odds of winning the jackpot are astronomically high as far as they are concerned.

“There’s no results from it. I’ve watched my dad play 6-49 for years and years, and he’s maybe won $500.”

McDonald points out how many questionnaires on sites like Buzzfeed get unheard of attention.

“You look at how many people do those Buzzfeed quizzes because there’s something funny or entertaining out of it, right? But something like a lottery ticket, unless you’re winning, you’re not getting entertained.”

Millenials, despite widespread belief, are most interested in engagement. The form this takes, however, has changed from one-on-one interaction to online entertainment. Large companies like the Gaming Corp’s need to adapt and stop complaining that the issue is with the public themselves. This new generation is also more skeptical and wary, especially of a program often referred to as “the idiot tax”.


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