“It’s like a freakin’ country bear jambaroo around here!” – Homer Simpson

It must be “animals in the news” week! First it was the hunting of wild pigs in B.C., then the discovery of Lucy the lost Emu in Nanaimo.

Lux, the little cat that could (trap it’s owners in their bedroom fearing for their lives) is back home. The story of the original attack broke last week, and was quickly all over reddit, news outlets and late night talk shows.

Cat from Hell in Portland attacks owners.

Purr, purr, I’ll kill you all, purr…

The 4-year-old Himalayan attacked his owners Lee Palmer and Teresa Barker, and their child, before cornering the threesome in the main bedroom of their Portland home. Palmer had little choice but to call 9-1-1 for aid, who sent in help from the local animal shelter. Here is the call for help:

The family requested Lux be returned home after staying at the shelter all week. Multnomah County Animal Services released him back to his home, to reign supreme once again, at his owner’s risk.

Lux is now due a visit from a local “cat whisperer” (behaviour specialist) as well as a future stint on an episode of Animal Planet’s “My Cat From Hell”.


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