It’s EMUsic to our ears! Continuing our week of wild animals on the loose in Canada, we’re happy to announce that Lucy the Lost Emu (future children’s book?) has been found!

Lucy the Emu
The 16-year-old, flightless wonder went missing from his (yes, it’s a boy) pen last Sunday the 16th. He was finally cornered in a backyard on the Nanaimo campus of Vancouver Island University. His owner, Tim Genner, rushed to the scene…and proceeded to get the ever-loving crap kicked out of him by the bird. He showed up with a van and immediately attempted to wrestle Lucy inside.

“There comes a point where they realize they are in a fight for their life they think,” said Genner.

“Don’t get an emu for a pet,” he advises. “If you do, make sure it’s very well contained.”


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One thought on “Lucy the Emu Found Safe and Sound in Nanaimo, BC

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