Wild pigs have become an issue in British Columbia and, if you’re a licensed hunter, it’s pork season! These filthy, ugly, hideous creatures (see image) have been deemed invasive wildlife to be shot on sight “anywhere and at any time”.
Pigs and swine in British Columbia are on the do kill list.
Again, just to be clear: if you are a licensed hunter. Don’t be going all “Angry Birds” on them if you don’t have the papers.

The pigs are primarily escaped farm animals and grow in the wilds of B.C. and have been spotted in Lower Mainland, Kamloops, Okanagan, Peace and Kootenay regions.

The Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations says feral pigs are an invasive species that go after the eggs of ground-nesting birds and compete with native wildlife (causing damage to native vegetation and crops).

“They can also be the source of infectious diseases and parasites which can be harmful to wildlife, livestock and human health.” the ministry said, “While there are not many feral pigs in British Columbia, this is a proactive measure since once established feral pigs are extremely hard to eradicate.”

So, if all goes well, we release the humans to eradicate the pigs….but then we’re stuck with a human problem! I hope we have some lions around here somewhere.


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2 thoughts on “Open Season on Feral Pigs in B.C.

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