Nothing to fear here, people. Neither Germans, nor people with tentacle arms have any history of violen—-ohhh, crap. We’re doomed.

German engineering firm, Festo, has revealed the creation of robotic tentacles (see video below). The invention is a little too similar to those used by the Marvel Comics super villain, Doctor Octopus. However, they prefer the term “bionic elephant trunk”.

“Doctor Octopus”, “Doctor Elephant”. Whichever, just don’t try to take over the world, please.

Doc Ock tentacles made in Germany.
They used a process called ‘goal babbling’, thought to mimic the way a baby learns to grab things by continually reaching – a process of trial and error that lets them work out which muscles they need to move,” says New Scientist. “Similarly, the robot remembers what happens to the trunk’s position when tiny changes are made to the pressure in the thin pneumatic tubes feeding the artificial muscles. This creates a map that relates the trunk’s precise position to the pressures in each tube.”

The tentacle is formed from completely 3D printed pieces and controlled by a separate pneumatic system. Next up, maybe some vulture wings, then some rhinoceros suits and maybe a giant scorpion tail, complete with poison tip. Is J. Jonah Jameson funding all this???


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