I guess maybe Kevin Spacey isn’t such a bad fella’ after all! The actor tweeted a picture of himself with Doug Ford and Rob Ford. One big happy family!

Kevin Spacey Rob Ford

This is in response to a previous story from Jimmy Kimmel Live when Spacey supposedly refused to take a picture with Doug or Rob backstage. Turns out, they simply didn’t ask! What a couple of jerks! The brothers Ford went on a rant about Kevin Spacey acting high and mighty during his visit to the late show where the trio shared a dressing room, insisting he refused to take a picture with the brothers.
News media jumped on the story (including the self-serving CaNews Podcast) and made it national news. News outlets know that two things sell: sex and Rob Ford (although you’ll never the see the two together…he gets plenty of that action at home).

I’m confident that the Fords will handle this with the same grace and dignity they have displayed in the past.


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