SeaWorld’s love of animals…’s ability to make them money struggled through a win in their recent financial report. Despite the fact that none of you should be attending these theme parks, it turns out that several of you are attending these theme parks.

Bindi Irwin SeaWorld

Sales rose 3.3% to $272 million, beating estimates. Overall attendance at the parks fell but individual visits went up for the quarter.

SeaWorld has been facing tough scrutiny since a little documentary called Blackfish was released in 2010. The film depicts the origins of the theme parks and covers the deaths and injuries of several trainers over the decades.

SeaWorld recently hired Bindi Irwin (born in 1998, fellas, just putting that out there now) to be their youth spokesperson. As the daughter of Steve Irwin, Bindi jumped at the chance to spread the word about wildlife but has faced nothing but backlash from fans online, including a petition to get her and her family to reconsider her involvement with the company.

In a nod to the work of her father, who tragically died in 2006, she said: “I want to carry on in my father’s footsteps and make sure that everything that he lived and died for continues forever … I want to make him proud.”SeaWorld still in business.

Last week, Richard Bloom, a Democratic state assembly member from Santa Monica, California introduced legislation seeking to phase out killer-whale capitivity in the state.

SeaWorld called the proposal “severely flawed” and “highly questionable” under the U.S. Constitution. The same terms could be used to describe their ability to take care of animals.


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