Rob Ford was in our very backyard, literally blocks from where we record our weekly podcast, and we missed him! However, a friend of Brad’s happened to be in Coquitlam that night, attending an establishment well-known to us locals called The Foggy Dew. There, Ford partied it up with some surprised BC-ers, all excited to have the rolly polly mascot as their plaything for the night. And Ford played the role to the letter.

Dozens of selfies started popping up Instagram and Twitter. It appears everyone had a great time, despite the horrible example Ford sets being a known drug user and hater of democracy.

Below are exclusive photos that only Brad’s friend has. They may look like a lot of other pics posted so far, but these ones are extra special. Just because, okay?

Rob Ford in Vancouver 2014

Rob Ford backstage in Coquitlam Foggy Dew

After a fun night at The Dew, Ford did the worst thing he’s done in the last two years: he walked across a street NOT at a crosswalk.

To be fair, the area he jaywalked in (the official charge, for which he was fined $109) has a large rate of pedestrians being hit by cars. It’s a busy intersection that Coquitlam has been trying to cut down on injuries and potential fatalities.

Coquitlam Mayor Richard Stewart isn’t putting up with any of Rob Ford’s crap. He posted this on his personal Facebook page the following day:

As many Coquitlam residents know, our city has been striving to reduce the high number of pedestrian deaths. We’ve instituted engineering improvements, crosswalk lighting, school zone enhancements, etc. Plus, we’ve asked Coquitlam RCMP to clamp down a bit on the serious and risky issue of jaywalking. Perhaps visitors from out-of-town might not be aware of that. Sorry, Mayor Ford.

Admittedly, this is a small story in the pool of Rob Ford’s ocean of nonsense but it was so close to home, we had to at least mention it.


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