Third Eye Louie fish

“Excuse me, my eyes are up HERE…and here…and here.”

Meet “Third Eye Louie”. Personally, I think “Blinky” would have been a slightly more appropriate name…do people really not watch The Simpsons anymore??

“Third Eye Louie” was caught by Jimmy Stewart at his shack on Calander Bay, January 19th, along with his friend Chad Poitras and Brandon Warmington.

I assumed with the name “Louie”, it was a lingcod but is, in fact, a pickerel. Apparently a few fishermen in the area have caught similar fish in the past. Nobody has an immediate explanation for the third eye, I tried to find more details on this story and came up pretty flat. Does anyone know more information on this locally? Please feel free to share. I’m curious why this hasn’t at least stimulated an investigation into the water at Lake Nipissing.

Here is one more of the same shot, I guess without the flash on…?

Third Eye Louie


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