Not that Canada is any better, really, however, in the light of the deport Justin Bieber petition I have to ask Americans….


…how is it you can you get 100,000 people to work together, and so quickly, on a project that only glorifies Justin Bieber’s douchbaggery even more? Yet you allow your government to literally walk off the job because they didn’t feel like working together anymore?Justin Bieber hardhat

Meanwhile, the country is rampant with leaders who not only deny evolution but deny climate change as well.

We’ll all watch and chuckle as this petition reaches more and more names as we all work together to make a difference!


But seriously, folks, we don’t want him here either!!

Although, Canada might be willing to take him if we get a few things we want….

If L’il Beebs wants to really turn this situation around, he would realize how many cards he’s holding.

Justin…I call on you to use this leverage to fix this world. Look what you can make happen! Vow to leave America, nay, North America but only if the leaders of Canada and the U.S.A. begin meeting the demands of their people!

This Bieber petition is written, yet incomplete! Do it in crayon or cocaine, I don’t care at this point, but etch somewhere on the bottom what we truly win with the loss of Justin Bieber.

Let’s start with things like eliminating oil pipelines and fracking. Cut down on NSA snooping, don’t allow Google, Facebook and other companies to enjoy free reign with our personal information….what else people?


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