Get this motha-fuc**** sex off this mothafuc**** plane!

Air Canada flight 610 was the overly-friendly skies as two people performed the sex between Toronto and Halifax last week.

Sex on flight Halifax Toronto

What, you wanted a picture of sex on a plane, right?

The two passengers in question, a 38 year old man and 24 year old woman, were warned several times for allegedly performing sexual acts in their seats (not the washroom, like a normal person) and were told the police would be waiting for them when the plane landed…which they were, much to their surprise. Don’t call a pissed off flight attendant’s bluff. The plane then sat on the runway while the RCMP interrogated the couple.

Passengers couldn’t get off until the police were debriefed. Ya. You heard me.

According to passengers on the plane at the time, the man was released after speaking with police (suggesting he committed no crime).

The woman, however, was arrested for causing a “disturbance” while talking with RCMP officers, literally kicking and screaming, which resulted in her kicking a police officer. She has a court hearing at the end of February.


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