Eat Right For Your Blood Type is a diet specifying that your body wants you to eat specific foods for perfect health, based on what blood type you have. For example, those with a type O blood type are advised to follow a high-protein diet that’s light on grains, beans and dairy. Those with type B blood are advised to avoid everything from corn, wheat and lentils to tomatoes and chicken in favor of greens, eggs, and low-fat dairy.

Eat right for your blood type NOT

“O”range carrots for type “O”, right?….

The diet book has sold 5 million copies worldwide, written by Peter D’Adamo in 1996, and has fans who follow the plan religiously. However, the book makes a number of assumptions, which have recently been proven wrong. Last year, a similar examination of the book’s guidelines were debunked by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Researchers from the University of Toronto examined the dietary intake and blood type of 1,455 healthy young adults.

“It was an intriguing hypothesis so we felt we should put it to the test,” said study author Ahmed El-Sohemy in a statement.
“We can now be confident in saying that the blood type diet hypothesis is false.”blood-cells-diet

Thousands of Canadians (including a family memeber of mine) will still stand strong, committed to the plan they have been following, insisting it works.

Though the report doesn’t specify if there are any negative effects of following the plan, it’s a myth that’s officially busted by some smart Canadians.

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