It’s time to get rid of all the doughnut jokes when it comes to our police officers…and change it to jokes about gravy and buckets of KFC.

The standards required for Canadian and U.S. police enrollment standards have been dropped to match “reality” due to low fitness and health levels. The “best and brightest” are becoming “the best of the worst”.

Overweight police, diet and fitness mandatory

I have a wide range…of skills.

Up until 2006, we had a Canadian Forces Applicant Physical Fitness Test as a pre-enrolment screening process. After 2006, the powers-that-be decided “Oh nuts to this, I’ll just go get Homer Simpson.” From then on, the lowered evaluation version of the test was to be done after acceptance into basic training (rather than prior to, as before 2006). Those who don’t pass aren’t expelled outright, instead they have 90 days to through a Warrior Fitness Training Program. If they are successful, they get back into basic training.

So, it’s not all cynical, but it’s still a step backward.

In the United States of the Americas, the army fitness test is pretty easy: Fifty push-ups, 40 sit-ups and a 1.5-mile run in less than 10 minutes. Recruits still fail all the time.

Our friends over in Russia, however, took a little more of a stand, back in 2011. Former Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev got straight to the point, stating, “The fat and paunchy will not get through.” Passing their fitness test is mandatory and the top performers even get a bonus salary.

Details on this story were included in Jan. 16th podcast episode, if you missed it, check it out here:

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