Last October, a woman named Cecilia was the first person to be ticketed for driving while wearing Google Glass. Originally pulled over for speeding, the officer in question then gave her a second ticket for use of a television or video device while driving. The actual code broken prohibits use of these specifically where they are visible to the driver of the vehicle (don’t worry, your kids can still watch Dora in the back seat).

hot girl glasses, google glass

This is not Cecilia, this is an image that came up when I entered “google girl glass” and I couldn’t resist sharing.

Cecilia posted her news on, of all places, Google+ and the story picked up from there. She vowed publicly to fight this charge. Now, it turns out a judge has decided in her favour.


The speed ticket was first dismissed on the technicality that the officer was unable to show documentation that the speed measuring equipment he was using had been calibrated. The Google Glass charge was dropped when there was no proof or documentation that the Glass was actually turned on at the time.

This does not give us all a free pass to wear the device while driving. If an officer can prove your Google Glass was in use while you were driving, you’ll be on the hook. How can he or she prove it was on at the time? No idea yet.

Cecilia used her Glass to record her conversation with reporters outside the court after her hearing. While recording, she pointed out how she was able to use and command Google Glass while still carrying a conversation and not be distracted by it. Thus proving she is a multi-tasking savant.

Case closed.

Just for fun, here is a poll conducted on Mashable.com:

Google glass poll Mashable

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