The NSA has information on Canadians, too. Britain’s “The Guardian” newspaper reports the agency has been tracking SMS text messages for years. Not just Canadians, but users from around the world!

NSA spying agency.

“Don’t tread on me.”

They aren’t quite at the point where they know you had pancakes for breakfast four days in a row (but I do, and I’m very proud of you). They file over 200 million text messages a day from texters everywhere. They know our travel plans, contacts and credit card transactions. Automatic filters search for key terms, like “bomb” and “destroy America” and, just to scare you pirates out there, “torrent”.

They may not necessarily know about your late night drunk texts or have all your dick pics (unless you refer to yours as “da bomb”) but the amount of information they must have to sift through can only be described as enormous (much like your dick pics, am I right, folks?). The project is called Project Dishfire and is ongoing. Public concern over the NSA’s privacy breaching has been reduced to a series of memes and Facebook posts but few people are actually taking action. You can visit various sites like callforfreedom.org or pester your local government officials.

The NSA says there will be reform to cull public concerns but, really, do we believe them? They know we don’t, because they’re reading this RIGHT NOW, look behind you!!!

Details on this story were included in Jan. 16th podcast episode, if you missed it, check it out here:


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