An analysis from Global Forest Watch suggests that Alberta, the mountain-range hogging, tree-loving province, has disturbed more natural landscape than any other province in Canada.

We covered the Calgary floods back on episode 9 and 10, wher

e they debated halting the Calgary Stampede (for about 2 seconds and then put it on anyway). Weather concerns abound across the globe so messing with our natural resources can only make things worse. But that takes learning…”learning”?? Blech!

deforestation lungs analogy

Across the country (of Canada, just to be clear), Alberta has 410,000 square kilometers has industrial or agricultural intrusion. That’s 62% of the province. Saskatchewan is at 46% of their land and Quebec has french-kissed goodbye 347,000 square kilometers.

Duncan MacDonnell of Alberta Environment says they have plans in place to protect 20% of the remaining Boreal Forest…to all you mathemagicians out there, that leaves just 6% of the provice left undisturbed!

There is a misconception that re-forestation is catching up, or even caught up, to de-forestation. This is untrue and our beautiful country is being stripped for oil tycoons and big business.

Anyway, just putting that out there. I just want to see what you do with the information……(hee hee, it’s a trick! I want you to save the world!)

Details on this story were included in Jan. 16th podcast episode, if you missed it, check it out here:


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