This article on onegreenplanet.org should make your blood boil. Even though we once had Vladimir Putin guest interview on the podcast, we just can’t even pretend to tease about being in cahoots with this guy any longer. You can’t be more out of touch than continuing to try to impress people than being abusive to animals, especially Orcas right now. Has he never seen, or even heard of “Blackfish”?

side note – if you haven’t seen it, do yourself the favour, but have a box of kleenex ready for your tears and a box of band-aids ready for the blood dripping from your fingers as you punch holes in your wall from outrage

orcas for sochi

Two Orcas have been recently captured for display during the Olympics in Sochi.

“It’s a sad day for Russia, a sad thing for the Olympics and a very sad situation for two orcas who now will be flying across seven time zones to spend the rest of their lives in captivity,” a spokesperson for Whale and Dolphin Conservation said via the Mirror.

“It goes against everything the Olympics should be about. It’s sickening.”

We couldn’t agree more. These games will be a mockery of the games….just a side note, everyone…Vancouver, Canada still has stockpiles of our Vancouver 2010 Mascot periphernelia…anyone? Squatchi? No? Nobody remembers already? We need to try to break even. Please!

vancouver mascots


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