Crucifix in a cheesecake

One of our podcast features, now in blog form! WOT – Waste of Time Story

A family in Scottsdale Arizona took a cheesecake out of the oven and let it cool. Since they overcooked it, the cheesecake cracked….into the form of a mis-shapen “X”. Or the letter “T”. But neither! It was a crucifix!

The Lord Jesus was heated at 350 degrees for too long and just had to let them know he was inside.

The cheesecake will not be eaten (because who would want to eat Jesus’ flesh and put that sustenance to their body’s use in his name?) No, the dessert shall be sold to the highest bidder. Very similar to how Jesus chose his 12 apostles through a lottery on the mountain top.

The money raised by the sale of the holy cheesecake will go to their local church, making the circle complete.


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