beastmaster movie 80's film

Remember VHS rentals? They’re back! In POG form!

A pair of Saskatoon movie fan entrepreneurs are hoping to revive the already failed VHS rental industry.

Jon Vaughn and Tyler Baptist estimate they have a collection of about 2,000 VHS tapes (which doesn’t sound all that impressive because, so do I, in my garage, all Disney movies)

The store would operate out of a record store, so that’s a good sign, and is called “Videonomicon”.

They own such hits as “Annihilators”, “Ryan’s Babe” and “Runaway Nightmare”. I thought they had “Alien vs Predator” but it turned out to be just 1985’s “Alien Predators”.

Don’t worry if you don’t have VCR, they rent those, too.
Visit them online at Videonomicon.com

– Jeff


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