Stoner RCMP medical puff

True north strong and free-basing.

Cpl. Ronald Francis, who serves with J Division in New Brunswick was photographed this week smoking a marijuana cigarette (as the kids say) while in uniform.

Francis received a prescription for medical-grade marijuana on Nov. 4. He says marijuana has helped him to calm down and reduces his PTSD symptoms.

His prescription allows for three grams a day, which he estimates to be nine to 15 joints. A day. He, of course, claims he rarely smokes quite that much.

His home was visited by fellow members of the RCMP to remove all uniformed clothing and he has been placed on medical leave.

Francis has been nothing but co-operative (he’s Canadian, after all) but feels he’s been singled out and under pressure. He hopes the media attention this has brought at least puts attention towards the need for therapy funding for RCMP members.


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