thor marvel moviesA big thanks to our friend, Aiden O., from the UK for this pre-screening review! Thor: The Dark World comes out in Canada November 8th.

The second phase of Marvel’s shared film universe continues what summers Iron Man 3 began as Thor’s second big screen outing arrives and does exactly what I wanted Marvel’s second phase to do. It is a standalone movie in every sense. Sure there are minor aspects of the story still dangling following both the original and Avengers but nothing major enough to actually influence this latest adventure.

As for the actual plot of the movie, unfortunately there isn’t a great one here. The story hinges entirely on a macguffin set up in a Lord of the Rings inspired opening sequence. An ancient power is buried deep, supposedly hidden forever, and if the villain of the piece finds said power it will bring about the end of all worlds in existence. The plot is not original in the slightest but somehow it is easily overcome because everything else that makes up the movie is so enjoyable in its stead…………..


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