Fans of the hit 90’s cartoon (1994, to be exact) rejoice! The hit on again off again series REBOOT is back in action.

BC’s Rainmaker Studios television division, Mainframe, will be producing the series (still in development).

reboot bob enzo megabyte

The series hits it’s 20 year anniversary with an announcement of the show’s return to tv, however, it hasn’t exactly been picked up by any networks. Here in Canada, it was originally carried by, the still on air, YTV. So maybe a few emails and phone calls to the YTV contact page might help get things moving in the right direction. Hint Hint.

Rainmaker Studios released the recent “Escape From Planet Earth” movie that, if you saw it, please comment on the animation and/or quality overall because this one passed us by. The studio is also working on a film based on the hit Sony video game series “Ratchet and Clank”.

Back in 2008, the show was promised to become a series of films that never happened but helped keep excitement for the show alive and well.


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