Leave it to Canadians for passive-aggresive vandalism to make a point.

Some creative jokesters in Edmonton have changed the cities welcome signs to read from their original “City of Champions” to various complaints about the city that are clearly going unanswered by average means of calls and emails to City Hall (plus a dig on Calgary, just for fun).

"...thus begun the "oh ya?", "YA!" Edmonton/Calgary confrontation of 2013

“…thus begun the “oh ya?”, “YA!” Edmonton/Calgary confrontation of 2013″

The signs are well crafted, in the correct font and plastered on to the signs with construction glue and screws. Some dedication went into the work, which was obviously done in the middle of the night (possibly with black clothing and domino masks).

One welcome sign, if you arrive from the west declares “Welcome to The City of Edmonton: City Of Speed Traps”. Another, from the east, reads “Road Construction City”. One from the south, added out of context to the other six defaced signs, simply says “Suck it, Calgary”.

The city itself has no clue who defaced the signs but went directly to work to change them all that day but there is always paperwork and approvals and this and that so maybe a committee could be formed to possibly look at maybe getting the signs changed in the new year if all approvals go through pending investigation.



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