New images of the lair! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot has been swamped with controversy ever since Michael “KABOOM” Bay has been attached as producer. Little bits of information continue to leak out, however, each one calming fanboys heart rates a little at a time.

Megan Fox has been cast as the well rounded and intelligent “April O’Neil”, you can imagine how that played out initially (not well, but hey, she’s still hot so everyone is okay with it for now).
Information trickles out that periodically makes the film sound potentially great, including the creator of the characters, Kevin Eastman, being very happy with the direction it seems to be taking.

ninja turtles

“I’m just the coffee guy, can I get you anything?

Images are rare but you can see here the turtle actors in full mo-cap suits, as well as Fox as April. The movie will be a mix of live action and CGI, obviously. If they also end up including Shredder, Krang, the Technodrome and Dimension X, the little boy inside me will be extremely excited. However, the more aware adult in me hopes the story stays true to the first live action film in the sense that it was much more down-to-earth and, dare I say, “realistic”.

Images have surfaced from Latino Review of the turtles’ lair, two different angles, showing a much more realistic looking atmosphere of a group of mutants hiding out underground. The Pizza Hut product placement caught my eye immediately and made me cringe but otherwise, I like the look of this. The computer system in the second image looks like “the best he could do” with what Donatello probably would have at his disposal.


The movie is slated for release August 8th, 2014 (after being bumped around a lot already, however, as of this writing, that is the release dateā€¦.until it isn’t any longer). The movie was going to be out for Christmas of this very year (2013) until a total script & plot re-write was required (probably on the side of “a good idea”). The date was June 6th, 2014 but now it’s the August one above. Until it isn’t. The following week after release, Marvel’s much-anticipated “Guardians of the Galaxy” will come out and if you can only afford to see one movie full of action and humour, you’ll have your work cut out for you that month.

What will you do? What will you do?…….


One thought on “Movies: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Images

  1. First, let me say NOOOOO! Is the man out to ruin my entire childhood? What will he crush next? And, I was just joking to myself about casting another Megan Fox as April…and here you say she IS taking on the role? That’s nuts. And, obviously, she didn’t get her fill of being used earlier. She didn’t do TF 3, but she will do this? Insane.

    Second, I thought that was Matt Damon in his recent sci-fi film and not a turtle suit:P But, now I see the huge shell.

    No, no no. He will ruin it. I am sure now. Had he cast a natural redhead as April, I might have given him an ounce of credit. I don’t know how, but this will not end well. Even though it’s rather hard to ruin something so simple and open to variation as it has already been adapted. The overall concepts stay rather uniform. But, I don’t trust him any further than I can throw him.

    I shall stuff my face with pizza to console my conscience. Good day. Worst…news…ever!:P

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