The Jewish National Fund chapter in Toronto love Stephen Harper so much they are raising money to build a bird sanctuary in Israel to be called the “Stephen J Harper Hula Valley Bird Sanctuary Visitor and Education Centre”.

Why a bird sanctuary? Good question. The Prime Minister has never spoken out on any love for birds aside from the Loonies he wants to fill his personal Scrooge McDuck-style money bin with. Josh Cooper, CEO of the JNF says “The prime minister has a strong love of animals: cats, dogs, pandas…it plays off his love of animals.” It might have been helpful to end with “especially birds” or, “and also birds” or mention birds in some way but I don’t want to put words into anyone’s mouth.

The idea of a science and education centre in Harper’s name may seem a little eyebrow-raising considering the funding cuts to science in recent years. Especially those in climate research, science shows that birds require a climate to survive, as do human beings.

prime minister bird sanctuary

“I love all animals and whatever this thing is.”

A dinner on December 1st will help raise awareness and funding for the project, with tickets topping $200 each. The JNF will be approaching corporations and wealthy individuals for donations from $6,000 (for honourable mention at the centre with, I assume, a plaque of some kind), $50,000 for access to a fancy reception for VIP’s only and $100,000 donation will get you into a “leadership circle” reception where I can only assume they will feast on extremely rare and endangered bird eggs.

PM Harper has not been particularly more or less vocal of his support for Israel any more than any previous office has been. The project has merit if it helps the local wildlife in some way but the honour should likely go to someone with interest in the environment. And birds.

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