Warner Bros. have announced The Flash will be brought to life by young actor, Grant Gustin (I just heard the sound of eyebrows raising, there must be Glee fans nearby).

glee fans rejoice

“I can’t wait to be called The Fastest Man Alive!”

This version of Flash will, indeed, be boring old, Barry Allen (many fans still hold feelings for Wally West) and will appear in three planned episodes of the CW’s “Arrow” (a “Green Arrow” series, NOT a spin-off of Smallville). The episodes are a bit of a test to see if The Flash could hold his own series again (there was a fun show in the 90’s starring John Wesley Shipp and featured Mark Hamill as recurring villain The Trickster).

Gustin tells The Hollywood Reporter “I’m unbelievably excited. I’ve been a lifelong fan of DC Comics, so I can’t be more honoured and can’t wait to get started.”

In the episodes, Barry Allen is a policeman (same as the comics but he’s more of a forensic scientist) looking into a series of robberies that seem connected to his past.

Flash on CW's Arrow

“Live action, so I need to be dark and brooding….”

The Flash has enormous potential for great stories and has been a key player in the DC Universe for decades. They could pull this off if done right but Barry Allen is too widely known as a stick-in-the-mud and the series might benefit from a more energetic Wally West version.
For reference for the “I think I know what your’e referring to” crowd: in the tv series “Smallville” they used a 3rd generation character “Bart Allen” who could potentially have grown up to become “Barry” Allen, so the jury’s still out on which version it really was. In the animated “Justice League” series, they used Wally West, primarily as comic relief.

The new season of “Arrow” debuts October 8th on *shudder* the CW.

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