The CaNews Podcast will have a special guest via Skype this week and I assure you, you will not want to miss the discussion. We aren’t putin you on. You’ll want to listen!

Vancouver Gay Pride Parade will sentence thousands of people to death this Sunday….oh, no, wait, no it won’t because we live in Canada! Phew! Dodged a glass bottle to the skull there! Though marching naked has been, rightfully, disallowed (after some naked guy ruined it for everybody last year) the event is ready to be one of the biggest in it’s 35th year.

In the wake of The Pope saying “Hey, if someone’s gay, what am I gonna’ do about it?” and Vladmir Putin trying to persecute gays like he has something to hide, support for the parade is heating up. And the positive media attention is FABULOUUUSSS for the event!

Russian vodkas are currently pulled from liquor store shelves across all of the Vancouver, BC area in support of the LGBTTQ (gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, two spirit, queer and questioning) community. That’s right, Vancouver has instigated a form of prohibition, and nothing bad has ever happened from that….right? And pissing off Russia is always a good idea………..right?? But a message being sent loud and clear in support of a community that is gaining more global independence every month will show the world that maybe if you think back really hard, you’ll realize the 2010 Olympics were super fun for reasons you didn’t even realize at the time 🙂


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